Noun/Verb Agreement

Noun/verb agreement is a crucial component of writing. Agreement refers to the fact that if the subject of a sentence is singular, the verb must also be singular. Similarly, if the subject of a sentence is plural, the verb must be plural. Getting this agreement correct is important because it affects the accuracy, clarity, and readability of your writing.

For example, consider the following sentence: “The bird flies.” In this sentence, the subject, “bird,” is singular, and the verb, “flies,” is also singular. This sentence follows the rule of agreement and is easy to understand.

However, if the sentence were written as “The bird fly,” the subject and verb would not be in agreement. This mistake would make the sentence difficult to read and could potentially confuse the reader.

The same rule applies to plural subjects and verbs. For example, consider the sentence “The birds fly.” In this case, the subject, “birds,” is plural, and the verb, “fly,” is also plural.

It is important to note that sometimes subject-verb agreement can be tricky, especially with compound subjects. Compound subjects are two or more subjects in a sentence that are joined by “and.” For example, consider the sentence “John and Jane run in the park.” In this sentence, the subjects, “John” and “Jane,” are joined by “and,” making them a compound subject. The verb, “run,” must also be in the plural form to follow agreement.

Another example of a tricky subject-verb agreement is with indefinite pronouns. Indefinite pronouns, such as “everyone” and “anyone,” are used to refer to non-specific people or things. In these cases, the verb must match the pronoun`s implied number. For example, consider the sentence “Everyone is going to the party.” In this sentence, the pronoun “everyone” implies a singular subject, so the verb, “is,” must also be singular.

In conclusion, subject-verb agreement is a crucial aspect of writing. It ensures clarity, accuracy, and readability in your writing. By following this simple rule, you can improve the quality of your writing and better connect with your audience.