Things we LOVED this summer!

I thought I would take a few minutes to let you know a few things we have loved this summer!
The first is my cannon G10 with the underwater housing! We have only had this a few weeks but LOVE it! Very fun! it does a pretty good job underwater and we haven’t really had time to investigate how to make it work better!

The second thing is Leslie Harrison! She is AWESOME with the kids ad she was able to get them to do things that they NEVER would have done for me! I photographed most of her sessions this past week and she had a 12 month old swimming to the surface into a float all by herself! it was TOTALLY COOL and soooo important when you think about it! Check her out!

Look at my boys floating by themselves!

Jonah floating FULLY CLOTHED! The Lessons were “survival training” so, towards the end of the session she had the boys come in clothes so that they could get used to the extra effort it took to float and swim in clothes!

Just goofing off!

Of course my favorite thing was spending time with my boys! they actually helped me paint this background along with “aunt jenny!” they also have been such good boys this summer helping us with sessions!

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