Hello from Destin!

More from Destin! It was great fun!!
We had a fun time trying to get the perfect family photo for my wall!!
(The current photo on the wall is about 10 years old!!!) It is definately time for an update! This photo was taken by me with a remote trigger! The first try(the jumping one) was taken by a friend, Seth, the the other one was taken with Angela’s camera by a guy on the beach we recruted to push the button after we had it set!!! Hopefully we will find one photo we can all agree on. This is for my “MOM” frame!! Aren’t they creative!!!

Here is Zeke’s sand Castle taken with Rogers camera. It was huge!
Hello! I thought everyone might enjoy a couple pics form our vacation. Be back soon!

Thanks Seth for your help!!!!!
Zeke thinks boogie boarding is AWSOME!

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